Rank & level management

Effortlessly create any rank/level structure you need and give your staff the tools required to manage student progress—ensuring your customers have the best experience.

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Tools for your team

MyStudio supplies robust controls that give your team the tools to track, manage easily, and monitor member progress.

Fully customizable

Effortlessly create as many rank sequences as needed for all different membership types and make quick updates with an accessible, easy-to-use interface.

Manage members in bulk

Efficiently manage large groups with bulk promotions and tools that allow you to quickly work with any range of ranks.

Easy promotion requirements

Create requirements for each rank that are fully integrated with attendance—making the promotion process simple.

MyStudio desktop
MyStudio desktop

Create a great customer experience

We keep everything in one place and at your team’s fingertips, helping them create exceptional customer experiences.

Useful data reporting

Search for data by rank/level and quickly create reports to support member experiences tailored to each rank/level.

Create tasks & automate

Use your data to create to-do tasks and harness automation to create automated email and text campaigns around rank and attendance.

Useful data reporting

Make it simple for students to visualize their journey—easily share their rank progress data during attendance check-in.

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More about rank/level management:

MyStudio makes it easy to add unique and custom ranks and levels to each membership. Manage current students' ranks and easily update them to the next level when they graduate or advance - either for individual students or in bulk with full belt test rank updates.

Our system allows you to add attendance count requirements for each level and will automatically track how many classes are needed based on their classes logged with the MyStudio attendance portal. Additionally, you can add other requirements such as curriculum or learned skills that each student must successfully complete in order to advance and check them off as they progress in the membership management system.

You can also use the membership management system to sort data and export lists based on ranks to more easily track and manage students for each level. Send communications to students who are ready to advance with links to belt testing events or other important information related to their graduation.

Once belt advancement events are completed, use the bulk rank updater to quickly and efficiently update many students at once to the next rank or level on their membership. This will also reset their attendance and skill set for the next level as well. If needed, you can update students individually directly from the membership management system and move them to any rank or level option within their membership. You can also easily update their skills directly or enter their specific membership profile and update their rank/level skills there.

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