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The journey that led us here came from a drive to resolve needs we had as studio owners ourselves. We know firsthand the realities of running a membership-based business – all things from attracting new members, keeping existing members, motivating our teams, and all of the backend administrative and operational magic that has to happen to keep things going. We’ve taken decades of experience running our multi-location operations to create a company (MyStudio!) dedicated to giving other business owners the freedom we have gotten from using our systems and technologies that enable our studios to hum. Over and over again, we love hearing our MyStudio clients share with us that since adopting MyStudio, they’ve had the most profit and free time in their lives. THAT is what motivates us to do the work we do every day.

“Once set up, MyStudio makes my life so much easier! Keeping track of ranks/ promotions is a breeze, the app is amazing, the best customer service I've ever experienced, billing is so easy, you can just focus on your classes and not worry about your software.”

Ryan T.   |   Capterra Review

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Tu le
Tu L.
Founder + CEO
Tu le

Hello, my name is Tu and as the Founder + CEO of MyStudio, my focus is on equipping good people to do well in their businesses with the right tools, skills, and knowledge.

A little bit about me…
I’m a very happy husband and dad. Martial Arts has been ingrained in my life and a passion from a young age. I am the first martial arts entrepreneur to graduate from Harvard Business School, despite dropping out of undergrad to pursue a full-time career teaching martial arts (they rejected me 7 times before accepting me). I started MyStudio in 2017 with a big vision and lots of people thinking we were crazy, and today we get the honor of helping 2000+ businesses across the world. I’m also the Owner, Founder, and President of InCourage Martial Arts.

We have a limited amount of time in life. I spend mine very carefully. When I’m working, I’m pouring my best into that time, which then allows me to really enjoy the time outside of work. As such, I have high standards for what I and our teams produce, because we’re not in the business of wasting time. We’re here to help people save and make the most of it.

Linnette L.
Founder + COO/CRO

Hello, my name is Linnette and as the Founder + COO/CRO, my focus is on the operations and processes of our business, as well as the top-line work of our sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

A little bit about me...
I started my career in management consulting at Deloitte, helping Fortune 500 executives solve their problems around technology, marketing, finance, innovation, digital strategy, and more. I enjoyed seeing my work with clients show up in the products and services we use as regular consumers. Working across so many industries and functions gave me invaluable perspective that I took with me into business school, which was then a launching pad for me into entrepreneurship.

Today I get to take all my past experiences and pour them into helping business owners + staff using MyStudio in being more effective and getting more time to focus on life's most important things. I also get to do the same as co-owner of the InCourage Martial Arts studios, where we empower children - our world's future leaders - to be more confident, strong, and kind. My biggest triumphs are really around supporting my teams and clients in my various roles to live better than they ever had, with more income than they've ever had and more time to spend with the people they love.

"Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good." This is one of my favorite quotes because it reflects how I approach life, and how I approach our business. I have a high bar for myself and my teams, but most importantly I want us to do work that we are proud of doing, to help the greater good. I see our clients as doing noble things: helping people to be healthier, fitter, more confident, stronger, smarter. I believe that we have a great responsibility in getting to play a role in that.

Kevin Cassidy
Kevin C.
Director of Strategic Accounts
Kevin Cassidy

Hello, my name is Kevin and as the Director of Strategic Accounts, my focus is on supporting teams with our largest clients in the mid-market to enterprise level.

A little bit about me...
I was born and raised in Loudoun County, VA. Worked summers on my family's farm, playing soccer growing up. Currently reside still in Loudoun County with my wife Anna, and three beautiful children Harper, Tori, and Samuel. My early career was in the hospitality industry working my way up the corporate ladder. Opening restaurants with entry level roles starting out as a line cook and then moving into an Executive Chef role leading teams and developing menus for the restaurant groups I supported. My next venture brought me to the Health and Fitness space to support my brother and his Martial Arts business. Quickly learning much about business entrepreneurship which led to starting two of my very own businesses serving local communities and families though our Martial Arts organization.

I then joined MyStudio when we first launched, very passionate about the concept, vision, and product, I was excited to expand my reach with a desire to serve and support other business owners.

Looking back, I am most proud of the legacy, impact left behind from the hard work and determination to successfully start and exit two businesses to support business owners around the world with technology to help them run their businesses better, with MyStudio. I believe in doing the right thing always. Serving and making positive impact is top of list. If these items are covered, then connection, building stronger relationships where people and business can thrive will happen!

Personally, I still love to cook and make people smile through yummy food so you can find me cooking in the backyard over open fire quite often, relaxing and enjoying time with my family and close friends.

Tammy B.
Director of Marketing

Hello, my name is Tammy and as the Director of Marketing, my focus is on telling our MyStudio story, knowing our customers and ensuring they feel valued and receive value from connecting the MyStudio platform to their business.

A little bit about me..
I began my Marketing career in London UK in 2008 and went on to work in Dubai, Australia andNew Zealand. I've worked across several industries - Travel, Real Estate, Entertainment, Retail, SaaS and Telecommunications, across varying sized businesses from 10 to 5000. I've gained experienced across all facets of marketing with a specialization in digital and data.

I'm very passionate about marketing, love love love data and a true believer that people are a company's biggest asset. In fact, much of my career has been focused around: people, marketing technology and data, to deliver high employee PS, an exceptional experience to the customer and results to the business. I enjoy coaching and I felt very honored to share my journey and experience in marketing as keynote speaker for Adobe and a panelist for the New Zealand Marketing Association.

My personal purpose is connecting people to curiosity and courage, in both work and their personal lives. Trust, authenticity, respect, kindness are values that are important to me.

I have two girls - 9 and 5, and I am an animal lover having grown up with horses, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, ferrets and more! I now have a cavapoo called Bowie and a kitten called Jingle. I love sport and staying active. I have played soccer since I was 4 and have coached girls' teams in New Zealand. I'm a huge extrovert with a thrill-seeking edge. I love traveling, cooking, experiencing new things, food & wine.

Minh W.
Sr Director of Customer Success

Hello, my name is Minh and as the Senior Director of Customer Success, my focus is on building relationships with customers and ensuring they know how best to get value from our MyStudio platform.

In addition to Mystudio, I currently serve as the CEO of InCourage Martial Arts. Five schools based in Northern Virginia. I have spent 20+ years working and growing small and medium sized membership base businesses.

Values I hold near and dear to me are - Honesty (be clear and straight), Authenticity (be yourself), Integrity (be your word), and Love (wish them well). I am a strong believer in “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” and having fun while getting high impact results.

Michael H.
Director of Engineering

Hello, my name is Michael and as the Director of Engineering, my focus is on stabilizing the platform and developing new product functionality. I'm the first technical point escalation for all engineering related items.

A little bit about me...I'm a career engineer that was born and raised in sunny California. I went to college in LosAngeles and worked in Pasadena, CA for the first years of my professional career. I had a job opportunity that brought me to Virginia in 2014 and I've been here ever since. The bulk of my professional career has been working in biometrics (fingerprint matching, facial recognition - 2Dand 3D) with a brief period in the middle where I worked at a No SQL database company.I've been the primary technical lead for developing a biometric access control system that was deployed to a Syrian refugee camp on the border with Turkey. I built out a data hub for a large pharmaceutical company to track all their clinical trial data. I was deeply involved with adding the facial recognition and mobile ID capabilities to the TSA checkpoints throughout the US and developing the next generation Global Entry touchless portals that are being deployed to international airports in the US.

Values that I deem important are: Honesty (what you say is your word and you need to stand behind it), Transparency (I will always be upfront to provide you with all of the information that I know so that the team can make the best informed decisions, whether good or bad), Always learn (continuously learning helps keep the job enjoyable as we are all students that can strive to be better).

I have two young kids -Micah and Mila- that I love to spend all my down time with along with my wife and close friends. I started to smoke meat during the pandemic, and I enjoy smoking all types of meat that I like to share with my friends and family. I can smoke a mean spatchcocked chicken!

Jared O.
Director of Sales

Hello, my name is Jared and as the Director of Sales for Mid-market and SMB, my focus is on growing the number of membership-based studios that MyStudio can help to succeed.

A little bit about me…
Aside from building sales teams and processes, the most important items on my resume are my upcoming (August 2023) 10-year anniversary with my wife and raising children with a strong moral compass.

I’ve earned all the plaques and presidents clubs a sales professional can hope for, but my favorite professional triumphs come from coaching and developing entry level salespeople in to rockstars and watching them turn a “job” into a “career” that enables them to provide a better life for themselves and their family.

Trustworthiness is a hugely important value to me. A team that trusts and assumes the best intent in their team members accomplishes more than ones that don’t.

On a personal note, I am learning to cook the world’s best over easy egg. I’m getting pretty good so if you happen to be around me while I’m cooking them, make sure to ask for one.

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Elyce B.
Director of Customer Success
Elyce Picture

Hello, my name is Elyce and as the Director of Customer Success, my focus is on helping our clients get the most value from the MyStudio platform.

A little bit about me…
Prior to MyStudio I worked in multiple Customer Success and Sales capacities, at companies such as Classy (a fundraising software for nonprofits), Yelp, the Harlem Globetrotters, the Arizona Cardinals, and Tri-Cities Fever Arena Football.

I led the team that built out Yelp's Chicago office, growing a team of 5 to 60 in just the first year. I spent 7.5 years at Yelp during a stage of hypergrowth, working across teams and industries serving individual businesses as well as franchises.

My passion is in investing in people - understanding what drives them, what their goals are, and helping them to get there. This impacts me as a leader as well as my role leading the Customer Success team – that’s what we focus on in helping our clients.

Fun fact: I was once chased by a bear!  That may have led to my love of running and I'm now gearing up to train for my 7th marathon, this one in London.  I have a precious 13 year old rescue dog Barkley who never leaves my side.  In my free time I'm a bookworm, love to cook, and get way too invested in reality shows.

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Our values

MyStudio's continuous improvement stems from its martial arts roots, catering to passionate fans/clients. It focuses on three critical areas for an exceptional platform and place to work.

Integrity & Transparency

We have confidence in our product for your business success. While addressing specific needs, we prioritize openness and transparency to ensure client satisfaction.

Exceptional Value

MyStudio was born out of the frustration of using expensive and ineffective software platforms. We prioritize value, offering a robust membership management platform with industry-leading processing rates, maximizing your net profits.

Client First

At MyStudio, our clients are the heart of our success. We prioritize your needs with a dedicated support team. While our platform is user-friendly, reliable, and robust, we're here to assist you promptly and ensure your satisfaction.

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