Born from experience and passion.

MyStudio came to life when one member-based business needed a more straightforward and modern platform to run its business.

MyStudio was founded when a successful group of martial arts schools couldn’t find a software platform to deliver everything they needed. Perhaps more importantly, our roots grew from the need to find more peace of mind and a better work-life balance as business owners. Initially growing from the martial arts world, MyStudio now offers a complete platform that serves thousands of membership-based businesses across various industries.

MyStudio has garnered a loyal fan base in a relatively short period. Additionally, we have developed a reputation for constant innovation, improvement, and responsiveness to our client’s needs. We employ a fantastic team of designers, developers, and support team members who are tasked with one thing—making MyStudio the best membership-based software platform available.

Our knowledge of membership-focused businesses is critical to our success. We understand the challenges of managing staff, class schedules, enrollments, and the relentless need for new members. We use this knowledge daily, coupled with input from our clients, to continually develop and push the MyStudio platform to new levels of functionality.

We do all this while also focusing on one key component—value. Our platform is a market leader in software costs and offers low straightforward payment processing fees—allowing you to keep more of what you earn.

MyStudio took 8 separate services, systems, and softwares and combined them into one product for a fraction of the cost.
Cristiano P. | Capterra Review
In 2020, after only two and a half years in business and with just one full-time staff member, the Fairfax InCourage location grossed $330,000 — in the middle of a global pandemic.
Minh Wilson | InCourage Martial Arts

Our story in numbers

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What values drive the MyStudio team?

MyStudio has gained a passionate fans as a responsive company that is continually evolving and working towards the best product possible. Perhaps this mentality rises from our roots in the martial arts. Simply put we are constantly working to grow and improve our product so that we offer the best possible platform for our amazing group of fans/clients. We are able to do this by focusing on three critical areas.

Integrity & transparency

We love our product and are confident your business can prosper if you partner with us. However, we recognize that you may have specific needs that our platform does not currently address. We are open and transparent with what we can and can not do. We want happy and successful clients. To achieve this, we continuously work to be honest, and transparent with our costs and platform capabilities.

Exceptional value

Before developing MyStudio, we, too, used various software platforms. We paid a lot each month and sacrificed net profits by paying exhorbenent processing fees. All of this was for a software platform that was not effectively serving our needs. When we founded MyStudio, value formed the bedrock of what we were aiming to create. Today we continue this belief by offering a robust membership management platform with industry-leading processing rates and meager costs.

Integrity & transparency

Without the fantastic group of clients we have, there is no MyStudio. From day one, it was decided that our clients and their needs would be prioritized. We have an excellent “success team” dedicated solely to helping you when needed. MyStudio is easy to use, reliable, and robust. However, questions arise, technical glitches happen, and sometimes you will need help. We are here to help and will work until you get what you need. We have a fantastic group of raving fans, and we never take them for granted.

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