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Automated human-like agent

Meet your new automated assistant, Amplify! It interacts with your customers and leads just like a natural person, making them feel valued and heard. Think of it as having a dedicated sales representative available 24/7 to convert leads and help customers, ensuring each interaction feels personal and important.

FAQ answering capabilities

Never wait to answer customer questions again! Our system instantly handles common FAQs, guiding customers toward a purchase. This ensures your leads and customers stay engaged and can purchase whenever they want.

Reliable 24/7 availability

With Amplify, you're always connected. Day or night, weekday or weekend, your business is ready to engage with customers—even when you're not working. Amplify ensures your business never misses a sales opportunity, boosting revenue and delivering top-notch customer service.

Amplify pricing

*USD $69/mo
*Introductory pricing available for the first 100 customers—$69/mo for the first 12 months, $99/mo after.
Agent sells trial offerings only
1 lead conversion agent
1 knowledge base
Requires a MyStudio plan
Starter / Growth / or Scale plan
Requires communication add-on (+$10/mo)
Requires Twilo account (costs vary by usage)
Requires OpenAI account (costs vary by usage)
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Amplify Plus
*USD $99/mo
*Introductory pricing available for the first 50 customers—$99/mo for the first 12 months, $199/mo after.
Agent sells trial, event, and membership offerings
10 lead conversion agents
10 knowledge bases
Requires a MyStudio plan
Starter / Growth / or Scale plan
Requires communication add-on (+$10/mo)
Requires Twilo account (costs vary by usage)
Requires OpenAI account (costs vary by usage)
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Amplify features

Simple to set up and use

While the power behind Amplify is incredibly complex, using it is simple. Input your team's knowledge into the Amplify knowledge base, and it will use and expand upon it to provide excellent sales support to your customers.

Always on support & sales

Amplify works tirelessly, providing round-the-clock service-focused sales and support. It never sleeps and never needs a day off (or even a lunch break). This ensures a superior customer experience that is convenient for your customers anytime.

Multiply your team’s reach

Amplify boosts your knowledge and that of your team, making it feel like your whole team is always on hand. Build your knowledge base, and let Amplify take care of the rest. This frees you and your team to focus on delivering a great product that keeps customers returning.

Drive sales and revenue

Amplify turbocharges your capacity to handle countless sales inquiries simultaneously, propelling revenue to new heights. Let Amplify guide your customers to purchase the products, classes, and events they want without requiring input from you or your team.

Produce a reliable experience

Hiring and training new staff is tough, and maintaining consistency in customer support can be a challenge. Amplify solves this using a centralized knowledge base to provide customers with dependable and accurate guidance.

Re-gain more of your time

Amplify reinforces a core principle of MyStudio: the business should serve its owner. It's more than just a robot—it's a tool that liberates you and your team from repetitive sales and support tasks, giving you valuable time to prioritize work-life balance.

The case for embracing AI in your business

Do you remember the Yellow Pages? Remember a world before cell phones? Regardless of your age, the way we interact with businesses is constantly evolving. However, these new marketing channels and technologies always find their way to helping businesses, and AI is the same. AI is another tool that allows us to provide better service and increase sales. The trend is clear, and Amplify is here to help.

Reduction in routine chat volume


Charter Communications, a major cable operator in the U.S., sought to improve its customer service efficiency and response by implementing a chatbot system to manage routine customer queries. After launch they experienced an 83% reduction in traffic requiring live input.

Increase in net new leads


MongoDB, a popular database platform, faced challenges in scaling up their customer engagement without proportionally increasing their sales team. After implementing their leadbot they noted a 70% in net new leads.

Boosted organic traffic


Fit N Simple is a company dedicated to helping gym enthusiasts achieve their fitness goals through daily workouts via Messenger Marketing saw an increase of 10,000 organic users per month.

FAQs about Amplify from MyStudio

What is Amplify and how can it benefit me?

Amplify is an AI chatbot designed specifically for membership-based studios, helping to boost the way they engage with customers. It handles inquiries around the clock, enhancing overall efficiency and cutting down on costs—all while making customers happier. What really sets Amplify apart is its ability to guide potential clients through the decision-making process. It can answer any questions they have and then smoothly transition them into signing up for a trial. Once they're ready, Amplify sends them a pre-filled registration form via SMS or email, making the entire process straightforward and user-friendly. This makes Amplify a game-changer in managing a modern studio.

How does Amplify integrate with MyStudio?

Amplify easily integrates with MyStudio using the [OpenAI protocol]. This seamless integration ensures that Amplify can utilize your studio’s knowledge base to accurately respond to customer queries, enhancing your membership management process.

Is Amplify easy to set up?

Yes, Amplify is designed for easy setup, regardless of the size of your business. With an easy to use interface Amplify makes it easy for businesses of any size to boost their customer support and new member conversion.

Does Amplify support other languages besides English?

Yes, Amplify can respond in multiple languages, making it a great tool for businesses that serve a diverse client base. This feature allows you to engage with customers in their preferred language through SMS. However, it's important to note that while this multilingual support works well over text messages, the app itself may not display these conversations correctly due to character encoding limitations. This means you might encounter issues when trying to view these interactions directly in the app.

Is Amplify suitable for small and large membership-based businesses alike?

Yes, Amplify is versatile and scalable, making it suitable for both small and large businesses. It's designed for easy setup and customization to fit the specific needs of any size business, providing efficient client interaction management and improving operational efficiency.

Can Amplify handle multiple inquiries simultaneously?

Absolutely! Amplify can handle several customer inquiries at once, which is perfect if you're dealing with a lot of clients. This feature really shines by allowing you to keep up with high demand without having to hire more staff or increase your payroll. Essentially, Amplify lets you offer quick and consistent communication across all channels, helping you maintain a personal touch with your customers while keeping costs down. This is a game changer for businesses looking to grow without significantly expanding their team.

Can Amplify assist in increasing memberships?

Absolutely! Amplify engages potential members in real-time, answering their queries and guiding them through the membership process. This prompt and personalized interaction significantly increases the chances of converting leads into customers.

How can Amplify enhance member engagement and reduce churn in my membership-based business?

Amplify effectively boosts member engagement by providing timely and personalized responses to inquiries and feedback. This consistent interaction helps in nurturing member relationships, increasing satisfaction, and significantly reducing churn rates in membership-based businesses.

Can Amplify handle class scheduling for my business?

Yes, Amplify is equipped to manage class scheduling, from booking trial classes to registering participants for events. It simplifies this process by interacting with clients, answering their scheduling queries, and assisting them in finding and booking suitable classes, making it a valuable tool for class management.

What kind of questions can Amplify answer about my business?

Amplify can answer a wide range of questions about your business, including class schedules, instructor information, membership details, and special events. By providing immediate and accurate responses, it enhances the user experience for potential and existing members.

Will Amplify work for specialized services like pilates, yoga, crossfit, personal training, coding, or even monthly food club services?

Yes, Amplify is versatile and can be tailored to cater to specialized services. By customizing its knowledge base, Amplify can effectively communicate specific service offerings and benefits to potential clients. It's important to note that Amplify is a part of the MyStudio suite, enhancing its functionality and integration but not a standalone product. This integration ensures that all your service management tools are cohesive and streamlined under one umbrella.

What is a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is like a special help section that Amplify uses to give the best answers to questions about your studio. It has all the information about your services, classes, and more. This helps Amplify talk to your customers just like a real person would, anytime they have questions.

How does a rich knowledge base enhance Amplify's performance?

The effectiveness of Amplify is closely linked to the quality of your knowledge base. Initially, Amplify gains its intelligence from the information you provide—think of it as seeding it with common questions and answers that you and your team frequently handle. Once set up, Amplify starts to handle these queries on its own, freeing up your team for other tasks. What's more, Amplify isn’t static; it learns from ongoing interactions with your customers and leads, continuously enhancing its knowledge and improving its responses. This dynamic learning makes it increasingly effective over time, constantly adapting to better meet your clients' needs.

What's the difference between Amplify Basic and Amplify Plus?

Amplify Basic is ideal for businesses with a single service offering, providing one AI agent dedicated to that service. For instance, if you run a summer camp, Amplify Basic's agent will handle all queries related to it. Amplify Plus, on the other hand, supports up to 10 different programs, like summer camps, birthday parties, private events, classes, etc., with each having a dedicated agent. This makes it suitable for businesses with multiple service offerings.

How do I get notifications of leads engaging with Amplify?

To stay updated on leads engaging with Amplify, you can receive notifications directly through the MyStudio business app. Simply check the Communications tab in the app, and you'll find all the alerts you need to track interactions with potential clients.