Attendance tracking

MyStudio supplies the attendance capabilities that your business needs to thrive. Easily capture and monitor attendance data to help you understand business health.

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MyStudio gives you the tools needed to track attendance and monitor student participation.

Self-service kiosk

Our system offers the perfect way for members to check-in for class quickly, and it runs great on any device or browser.
Recover valuable time

With our kiosk interface, your members can quickly navigate to their name and check-in—saving you time.

Share important information

Choose what details you display on the interface and communicate important student information like rank progress.

Allow multiple check-ins

Students can quickly check-in for any number of programs—with MyStudio, you have no limits.

Staff-focused features

Empower your staff with attendance data access to easily make corrections and process attendance anytime—for any day.
Choose your process

Allow students to check-in via a kiosk or choose a post-class attendance process—MyStudio works with your strategy.

Monitor & manage

With our attendance data, you give your team the info they need to keep students active, engaged, and making progress.

A seamless platform

With the MyStudio platform, you gain tremendous advantages by having one integrated platform to work from.
Automate communication

Easily create automated campaigns to contact members based on attendance thresholds—for instance, those not attending.

Know your business health

Use attendance data and our reporting features to see which classes are successful and which ones need your attention.

Enjoy peace of mind

Know that all of your member data is part of a singular platform where it can be used to drive your business forward.