Retain more members with automated attendance-based campaigns that work to encourage and educate by reaching customers at critical points.

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Encourage members and retain more students by automating specific tasks based on attendance data.

Encourage & congratulate

Quickly encourage customers who have not attended and congratulate those meeting attendance expectations.
Provide inspiration

Use your attendance data to provide automated motivational experiences for students who meet a set condition.

Celebrate success

MyStudio’s automation ensures no one is missed. Set up processes that guarantee member success is recognized.

Improve student retention

Increase your member retention with automated campaigns or tasks that work to rescue at-risk customers.

Nurture your trials

MyStudio supplies the tools needed to support and nurture new trial customers with trial attendance data.
Know your trials

Quickly assess how each trial performs using their attendance data—know who’s succeeding or failing.

Improve trial conversion

Let MyStudio work for you around the clock with attendance-based campaigns designed to increase trial conversions.

Increase program upgrades

Use attendance data and thresholds to identify students who qualify for program upgrades quickly.
Automatic advancements

Easily set up automatic program advancements for your members based on attendance thresholds.

Targeted upgrades

Automatically offer revenue-generating program upgrades to students based on their attendance data.