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All products and services have unique links that you can use to sell anywhere online.

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Sell on social media

Share links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Increase your sales with simple social sharing on any platform.

Responsive & modern

The technology behind MyStudio is responsive and modern, so purchases are straightforward and secure for your customers.

Easily embed links anywhere

Embedding your offerings on your website or any platform is easy. No need to hire a developer.

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Drive sales with email

A complete email marketing platform that supplies the tools you need to increase your revenue.

Harness automation

With powerful automation features, create automated email campaigns to drive new sales for both new and existing customers.

Personalized email campaigns

Lead and customer data are seamlessly integrated for personalized emails to increase engagement

One simple platform

Email marketing and membership management are all together in one integrated platform.

SMS text or in-app messaging

Our SMS and in-app messaging, combined with push notifications, put your products right in front of your customers.

Better engagement

Increase sales through effective engagement on text and through in-app messages.

Converse about sales

Simplify sales communication through mobile messages when customers are ready to purchase.

Mobile message automation

Generate more sales with less work. Create SMS text or in-app mobile message automations to drive new sales.

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More about online sales, customer communication, and ecommerce:

Accessibility is extremely important so MyStudio makes it easy to get your customers connected to all of your services and products. Every membership, trial, retail item, event, and class/appointment carries a unique URL making it easy to share all of your services and products across social media platforms and send links via email and SMS text messages for easy online registration from anywhere.

Copy and paste the URL for individual items, products, or services or share your whole membership, trial, or event page, your entire retail store, or your full class/appointment calendar for easy access. These URLs can be used to not only share your pages yourself but they can also be used to integrate with another page or website when working with a web developer.

Use MyStudio’s easy communication system to send URLs to current and past customers as well as leads, app users, and participants. Send URLs via email, in-app messaging, or SMS texts. Automations can also be set up to send events for certain events, classes, retail items etc to your customers based on their attendance, status, membership end date, and more

If you have a webpage you need to integrate with MyStudio, these URLs also make it easy to embed links and add your various services and products directly to your website. Add the full pages of membership and trial options, retail store, etc. or share specific pages or products to direct traffic as needed.

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