Lead automation

Save time and see better sales results with automated communications to new leads using MyStudio's suite of automation tools.

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Integrated website lead capture

Leads details are automatically sent from your website, and then can be used to trigger automations and other actions to convert the lead into a paying customer.

Valuable visitor information

MyStudio makes it simple to ask for and capture valuable lead information from your website visitors or in person visitors via your Point of Sale.

Customizable forms

Easily choose what information you capture from a visitor and decide where the visitor encounters your form.

One integrated system

No need for other lead tracking solutions. Our solution is fully integrated and straightforward to use.

lead automation website
lead automation website

Custom conditions

Create targeted custom campaigns based on specific conditions, such as the lead’s program interest or how they happened to hear about your business.

Precisely target your leads

Create effective campaigns centered around your customer’s program interest to drive sales.

Communicate automatically

Generate new sales with an automatic SMS message or email campaign to your interested customers.

Create tasks for your team

Automatically generate tasks for your team to act upon for new or existing leads in the system.


See how well your campaigns perform with key performance indicators such as opened, bounced, and unsubscribed rates.

Know your numbers

Quickly see how well you are doing with your leads by monitoring your results using easy-to-understand analytics.

Make quick adjustments

Effortlessly adjust your lead automation campaigns at any time to create better outcomes—and more sales.

Guarantee performance

Track team performance specific to lead-related tasks with MyStudio’s powerful task manager dashboard.

lead automation website

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More about lead capture and automations:

From the start, MyStudio makes it easy for you to stay connected with your leads. Easily add lead capture pop-ups to your website, quickly gather contact information via the Point of Sale for in-person or outside event visitors, and even use integrations to bring in leads from another source or export your leads via Zapier.

Easily connect and communicate with these potential future customers for your business with Lead management and automations. Create customized campaigns to follow up with leads based on specific program interest or source and send emails with information about your programs, important links, and more.

Our lead management system makes it simple to view your full leads list and sort it as needed so it's easy to reach out to specific potential customers with the particular information they requested. The Task Management system can also be used to generate specific lead-related tasks for follow up, events, and more.

Leads Analytics also allow you to view and monitor the number of leads you've managed to attract each month as well as their conversion rate, to see how successful you've been at converting them and make adjustments accordingly.

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