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Grow your member base with improved trial success—use our easy automation to stay in touch with your most valued customers and increase your conversion rates!

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Improve trial conversion

Use MyStudio’s automation toolset to help increase conversions to paid memberships.

Create powerful experiences

Create meaningful and personal trial member experiences that continue to work for you, automatically, 24/7.

Check on trial progress

Easily monitor each trial member’s progress and quickly access all of their details with our simple interface.

Maintain communication

New trials will have questions. Answering them is critical—MyStudio makes two-way communication effortless with in-app messaging, SMS texting, and emails.

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Custom conditions

Easily create targeted custom campaigns based on conditions like attendance, status, and more that lead to increased trial enrollments.

Harness attendance data

Use custom conditions and attendance data to trigger any number of necessary member service actions.

Communicate automatically

Reach your trial members, and get results with effective SMS texting or in-app push notifications in addition to emails.

Create team tasks

Ensure your team stays engaged with each trial with automatically generated trial-based tasks that you can specifically assign to your students.


Easy access to critical data points allows you to monitor the success of any campaign—ensuring they produce results.

Know your numbers

Quickly see how well you are doing with trial conversions by monitoring our easy-to-understand analytics dashboard.

Make quick adjustments

Effortlessly adjust your automated trial campaigns at any time based on data to improve your conversion numbers.

Guarantee performance

Our powerful task manager dashboard tracks team performance specific to their trial-related tasks to help you stay on target.

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More about trial automations:

Trial automations allow you to stay connected with your new trials and customers easily improving the rate of successful conversion with your most vulnerable new students. Trial management makes it easy to view, update, and export any of your current or past trial students and send out quick communications as needed. You can also quickly access all of their information and see how they're progressing.

Communication and forming lasting connections with your trials is the key to successful conversions and MyStudio makes it easy to build out automated messages - to make sure you keep up constant and regular communication - as well as handle more individual, personalized contact.

Automations allow you to build out custom conditions and send automated emails out to students after their first class, status updates, and more. Task Management also allows you to create tasks for your staff making calls, cards, and additional trial maintenance easy to track and cover in a timely manner.

Lastly, take advantage of MyStudio’s analytics to track your conversion success rate, trial student count, and more. This data allows you to quickly and easily track your numbers and make adjustments to certain programs and campaigns to help improve performance.

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