Member app

A customer-facing app fully integrated with all your offerings, personalized with your business information, and ready to be used immediately.

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The included MyStudio member app supplies your members with the ultimate customer experience.

Sell services and products

Customers can register for trials, programs, events, class/appointments and purchase retail.
Trials, programs, and events

Registration is quick and easy from any mobile device or browser.


Easy class/appointment registration and set up viewing restrictions based on membership.

Retail/pro shop gear

Purchase retail items for pickup or drop-shipped directly to your customer.


Elevate your customer experience with video or document resources.
Link videos
Link videos and documents from YouTube, Vimeo, or any platform.

Set view restrictions

Limit content access based on a participant's membership or rank.

Member referral and reviews

Increase customer reviews and business referrals.
Refer and incentivize

Increase your sales through member referral incentives.

Easy review process

Drop your Google and Yelp review links to make it easy for members to leave reviews.


Customers can easily manage their profiles.
Payment methods

Eliminate admin tasks and let the customer update their payment methods.

Past purchases

Customers can easily view purchase history.

Participant profiles

Customers manage their own participant profiles.

Communicate and sell

Customers can easily communicate with you through the app
Share exclusive offers

Use MyStudio's in-app communication abilities to share exclusive offers.

Send important information

Communicate closings, adjusted hours, and send member-focused reminders.

Have a conversation

Stay connected with your members with direct in-app communication.

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More about the member app:

The member app is just one of many robust features that are included in the MyStudio membership. By integrating all of your offerings into a user-friendly, customizable place with prime real estate on your members' mobile devices, you will get higher engagement, higher open rates of your messages, and a more interconnected community within your studio. Your members will be able to access what they need easily, and you will save countless hours doing administrative tasks that the app replaces.

Along with the member app, your members will also have access to a web member portal, which allows them to use all the parts of the app even if they haven't downloaded it-- from any web browser. It can be accessed on a desktop or mobile device, meaning that all of your members will be able to benefit.

While your member app is customized to your business, you can also opt to create a Custom App, which would establish a new app on the Apple App Store and Google Play with your business' name on it. Inquire more with our team to learn about the Custom App add-on.

With a trial of MyStudio, you will be able to build your member app immediately. You can see and use it right on your phone or tablet, allowing you to see the customer experience from your members' perspective.