Membership management

Flexible and robust design that allows you to manage memberships, events, camps, and more.

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With MyStudio, it's easy to manage your members, programs, events, and products anytime using any device.

Manage all customers

Manage everyone who buys from or interacts with your business.

View, manage, and communicate with your leads.

Trial and program participants

Manage participant info, manage payment information and communicate easily with your primary customers and participants.

Event participants

Manage and export event rosters, participant & registraiton information, and payment related activity.

Automatic payments

Comprehensive billing options are available for the services you provide.
Open enrollment

Bill based on start date with no end date— great for auto renewing memberships.

Specific start/end date

Great for programs that have a specific start and end date, such as After School Programs and multi-week Bootcamps.

Class packages

Best used for selling classes by the numbers, such as a 10-class Package, or 25-class Package.

Custom memberships

Best used for custom membership structures, such as a 12-month membership, or a multi-week membership.

Member migration

Changing software can be difficult and we make it easy.
Migration tool

Simply download our CSV template, paste customer information, and upload to get your members easily into the system.

Migration support team

Our support team is on standby to help fully assist with getting all of your existing members into the system.

Operator app

A tool for your team to manage customers, sell to and communicate with them.
Simplify selling

Easily use the point of sale feature to sell trials, programs, events, retail, and run custom charges.

Communicate with clients

Easily chat with leads and customers with the in-app chat feature.


Easily take participant attendance from your mobile device.