A point of sale for standout retail experiences

Sell in-person at your studio, pop-ups, and events with a point of sale that’s wherever you are and on any device.

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tablet point of sale desktop

Simply powerful, in-person experience

Display all products and services from any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Sell retail / pro shop products

Customers can purchase retail in person, or you can have them drop shipped to their home.

Register for classes and appointments

Quick and easy registration process for everyone involved.

Sell events, trials, and memberships

Whether in-store or on-the-go, transactions are simple with MyStudio’s elegant POS interface.

point of sale tablet and mobile

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More about the Point of Sale (POS) system:

Register new memberships and trials, sign up for events, purchase retail items, sign up for classes and appointments, add leads to your email list, and process miscellaneous purchases all from your phone, tablet, or computer. The MyStudio Point of Sale works on both a browser and the business management app which makes it easy to sell any of your products and services from anywhere, to anyone.

Set up on a tablet at your school for walk-ins and easy in-school purchases or take it on the go and add new potential customers to your email list at local pop-up events where you've set up a demonstration or booth.

The Staff POS allows you to use saved payment information for your current customers to check them out quickly and securely while also giving you the freedom to add manual discounts and customize your customer’s purchases.

Alternatively, open the Public POS and allow brand new customers and students to easily make new purchases in your school or outside at a public or pop-up event without sharing any other data or information or sending them out of their way.

The point of sale is just one of many ways that MyStudio enables you to sell. When you are in person with customers, this feature will make it easy for you to complete the tasks you need, quickly, efficiently, and intuitively.

Try out the Point of Sale and all of the other features of the MyStudio platform with a trial account. Sign up today and launch your POS anywhere.

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