Understand your key indicators

Set performance indicators for every aspect of your business and utilize MyStudio’s reporting to ensure you know the health of your business—from anywhere at any time.

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With our robust reporting features, you can quickly gauge the health of any aspect of your business.

Know your sales

Easily track the health of your business from any device with an easy-to-use interface backed by powerful technology.
Understand the details

Browse your top-line numbers or quickly drill down to see revenue for any individual trial, program, or event with ease.

Know future & past-due payments

Quickly see any past-due payments and look ahead at your scheduled billing numbers with just a few simple clicks/taps.

See year-over-year performance

See your new sales instantly or look back years in the past to measure your revenue growth from one intuitive dashboard.

Check-in from anywhere

MyStudio is built so studio owners can manage their business without always physically being there.
Track your offerings

Learn from critical performance numbers related to any trial, program/membership, or event with just a click/tap.

Monitor your leads

See lead traffic, track sources, and program interest effortlessly—know how well you generate potential new customers.

Know conversion percentages

MyStudio does all the tricky math to supply instant access to critical numbers like conversion percentages.