Know your key performance indicators

Set performance indicators for every aspect of your business and utilize MyStudio’s reporting to ensure you know how your business is doing—from anywhere, at any time.

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Know your sales at all times

Easily track your business's performance from any device, with an easy-to-use interface backed by powerful technology.

Understand the details that matter

Browse your top line numbers or quickly drill down to see revenue for any individual trial, program, or event with ease.

Know future & past due payments for planning and forecasting needs

Quickly see any past due payments and look ahead at your scheduled billing numbers with just a few simple clicks/taps.

See year-over-year performance trends

See your new sales instantly, or look back years in the past to measure your revenue growth from one intuitive dashboard.

MyStudio desktop
MyStudio desktop

Check in from anywhere

MyStudio is built so studio owners can manage their business without needing to physically be there. So whether you're working on the business, or in the business, you have the data you need.

Track your products and offerings

Learn from critical performance numbers related to any trial, program/membership, or event with just a click or tap.

Monitor your leads and prospects

See lead traffic, track sources, and program interest effortlessly. From the data, you'll know how well you generate potential new customers.

Know conversion percentages

MyStudio does all the tricky math to supply instant access to critical numbers such as conversion percentages, as well as franchise fees and more.

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More about management reporting and analytics:

MyStudio was designed to help you own your business, while preventing your business from "owning" you. Our technology and tools are meant to work with the way you live, and give you what you need to run your operations while giving you the time to create the strategies that will take your business to the next level.

The analytics were designed to give you the figures you need to know to make the strategic choices necessary to let your business thrive including financial information broken down by specific services and products, membership retention data, trial conversion data, and easy to see numbers to help you track the number of students you have in each membership or trial at any given time.

You can access these numbers not only on a computer, but also on the MyStudio Business App for owners and staff. This versatility allows for on-the-go checkups on how sales are going, whether enough prospects are in the pipeline, and whether there is a particular area that needs special attention. This means you can focus your attention on the students, programs, and areas of your business that need it the most - by boosting programs that do particularly well or fixing up some of your programs that have poor performance.

Whether you're an on-site or off-site operator, you will know where your business stands at any time. When you free yourself up to work flexibly, it's incredibly powerful for both your personal and professional lives.

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