Powerful billing & payments

Recurring billing and anytime payments are made simple with MyStudio—saving you time and money while driving more sales and increasing revenue.

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Save time and keep more of what you earn with MyStudio's complete billing and payment solution.

Low or no-fee options

We allow you to keep more of what you earn with low rates and an option to eliminate 100% of your processing fees.
Low fees from day one

MyStudio was designed as a transparent platform with simple pricing, no surprise fees, and incredibly competitive rates.

Eliminate 100% of processing fees

Either absorb or pass on your processing fees to your customers, offering you the option to keep 100% of your sales.

Quick setup & fast funding

Get your billing and payments solution running in quickly with MyStudio—enjoy almost immediate access to your revenue.
Take payments quickly

We make taking payments easy. No technical skills are required and no work piecing together multiple platforms - everything is together in one simple place.

Next day funding

With MyStudio, your revenue is in your hands quickly with next-day funding—supplying access to the funds you need.

Complete billing & payment solution

MyStudio is the modern all-in-one solution you need for all of your membership billing and customer payment needs.
Recurring billing or single payments

Charge on-demand or set up automatic billing for your customers—MyStudio can confidently handle any payment scenario.

Secure processing

The technology behind MyStudio is modern and secure—supplying a payment processor that customers can trust.

Transactions made simple

All plans include payment processing that is fully integrated with the rest of the platform—making it simple.

No credit card. No gimmicks. Try us FREE for 30 days.

More about billing and payments:

MyStudio makes it easy to collect billing and payments from your students and customers so you can save time and receive your money as early as the next day. All plans include payment processing that is fully integrated with the rest of the platform to make things as easy as possible.

Set up recurring payments for your members and process one-time payments easily with next-day funds available for both options. Flexible program building allows you to customize how often payments are processed - choose weekly, monthly, annual, semi-monthly options or create a custom schedule and charge every few months based on your own needs and schedule.

Additionally, automated failed payment communications make it easy to keep track of your incoming and past due payments so you can collect anything you are owed faster and without any additional effort on your part.

Our system allows you to keep more of what you earn by eliminating 100% of your processing fees if you pass them on. Your customers can easily view the price with processing fees and tax when making purchases. The payment processing technology behind MyStudio is fully secure, encrypted, and tokenized, backed by the world's largest financial institutions.

With billing and payments with MyStudio, secure electronic payments will reduce (or completely eliminate) the liabilities associated to theft at your physical location. You will no longer need to store sensitive credit card and checking account information in your business, nor will you need to store physical cash if you opt to go cashless.