Attendance automation

Retain more members with automated attendance-based campaigns that work to encourage and educate by reaching customers at critical points.

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Encourage & congratulate

Quickly encourage customers who have not attended and congratulate those meeting attendance expectations.

Provide inspiration

Use your attendance data to provide automated motivational experiences for students who meet a set condition.

Celebrate success

MyStudio’s automation ensures no one is missed. Set up processes that guarantee member success is recognized.

Improve student retention

Increase your member retention with automated campaigns or tasks that work to rescue at-risk customers.

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More about attendance automation:

Attendance is such a core component of running a membership-based business. Tracking how often members are coming to class and flagging those who are not coming to class are both equally important in keeping your members happy and with you for the long term.

Our attendance automations allow you to send automated emails, SMS text messages, and in-app notifications to students who haven't attended class in a certain amount of time -- making sure they know they're missed and restarting communications with them to get them back with you. You can automatically set up tasks in our Task Management system so you can call these students or perform other personalized tasks to help boost their attendance back up.

Additionally, our system can send out notifications to students who are attending class regularly to help encourage them to upgrade their membership to a higher tier or praise them for their hard work.

Attendance also connects to rank/belt testing requirements so our system can let you know once students are fully ready to graduate and help you communicate with students that they're ready to progress in their program! This kind of quick communication and interaction helps keep students motivated and driven to continue with you.

Overall, attendance is a key piece of data that can inform you about the sustainability of your programs. It can be an indicator of staff performance (for example, if customers tend to enroll in a particular staff member's classes -- or not), be a litmus test for the best times to hold classes, and more. It can inform many of the choices you make as a business owner/operator, as it's important to use real data to support key business decisions.

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