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Drive sales and stay connected to members using the power of our scheduler. Quickly create schedules and appointment calendars, making them easily available for customers to sign up.

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Make it simple

We make class registration and appointments easy for customers with a simple interface available anytime, on any device.

Program integration

MyStudio’s integrated platform keeps all of your programs and available times working seamlessly as changes are made.

Easy to use calendars

Your customers will breeze through our easy-to-use interface, reserving class times and making easy appointments.

Optional drop-in pricing

Set drop-in availability and pricing to allow non-members easy access and payment with just a few simple clicks/taps. This removes barriers that could get in the way of purchases and welcomes more prospects in to see your business.

fitness class scheduling desktop

Powerful team tools for better service

We supply you and your team with the tools to manage daily operations while quickly making changes and updates.

Set specific view permissions

Easily limit what classes your members see based on their membership or trial program.

Easily override settings if needed

Our system has a convenient staff mode that allows you to override basic settings such as attendance limits quickly.

Examine your reports to inform strategy

MyStudio’s reporting capabilities offer crucial attendance data that is simple to understand and easily monitored.

fitness class scheduling desktop

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More about class and appointment scheduling:

Whether you have recurring classes that members need to sign up for, you need to manage capacities to meet size restrictions, or you just want an easy way for people to drop in, our Class & Appointment Scheduler is there to make things easy as you fill up and run your classes.

Customize your class types, dates, and times and make your whole schedule private, view-only, or fully public for anyone to register. You can also add blockout dates to your calendar to keep your students fully up to date on when and where they can attend classes with you.

You can even restrict access to certain classes to make sure only certain students with specific memberships or trials can register, making it easier for students to understand when their class times are and eliminating registration errors.

The Class Schedule is fully integrated with our system's attendance platform making it easy to quickly log attendance for an entire class roster all at once and see who is scheduled to attend any upcoming classes.

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