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Bring your products and services to life with an ecommerce website

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Discover how easy your website can be with MyStudio’s custom website solution.

Fully integrated; Easy to update

Full integration with everything you sell. Make updates anytime, without waiting on anyone else.
Easily connect and sell trials, programs, and retail.

Easily connect your services and products.

Update in real-time

Our website control panel allows you to update anything easily.

Marketing and lead capture

Easily collect leads and add them seamlessly to marketing automation campaigns.
Custom lead capture info

Customize the type of information you would like to collect from your visitors.

Marketing automation

Increase lead conversions by connecting your custom website with our easily to use marketing automations.

Quickly post sales and specials

Engage your customers with current specials that can be updated in real time from your website control panel.

Product offerings

Automatically populate your home screen with information and links to your services and products
Trials and programs

Educate your visitors on your services and make it really easy for them to register directly from your website.

Classes and appointments

Visitors can sign up for drop-in classes and appointments easily.

Online retail

Sell items at your physical location or customers can have items drop shipped directly from MyStudio marketplace suppliers.

Mobile-first design

Over 75% of website visitors are on mobile. Rest assured your site shows up well on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
A mobile website builds trust

57% of online users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

A better browsing experience

Give your vistiors a visually appealing, enjoyable encounter with your company and make it easy for them to buy from you.

Mobile-friendly content is more shareable

Make it easy for your visitors to share your products and services with others right from their phone.

Full customization

Your branding, your way.
Color schemes and templates

Set your brand colors and use templates to get quickly set up.

Reviews and awards

Increase your sales with online reviews that give your visitors the social proof they need.

Image galleries

Showcase your products and service offering with beautiful visuals easily added.

SEO and custom domains

Optimize your site to be found on search engines and easily connect your existing domain.
Optimized for Google

Set Google SEO specific content to increase your search ranking.

Custom domains

Easily connecting your existing domain in minutes.

No credit card. No gimmicks. Try us FREE for 30 days.

More about custom websites:

Show who you are to the rest of the world with a clean, professional website that’s easy to view and navigate.

The MyStudio website builder is fully integrated with the rest of our system, making it easy to sell your trials, programs, retail, and events. Make changes to your services and products and your website will automatically update with it.

Customize your website by adding a quick and easy lead capture to pull in more interested customers and updating current sales and specials, making it easy for everyone to see all that you have to offer.