Member communication

Creating impactful messages and getting them to your customers is simple with MyStudio’s complete communication toolset.

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SMS text, in-app, and email

Easily reach, and stay engaged with customers using any combination of communication channels.

Connect in a modern way

MyStudio makes it easy to get important messages directly in front of customers on all of their mobile devices.

Make purchases easy

Quickly send customers actionable purchase URL links for programs, events, and retail items—reducing friction to buy and driving sales.

Share important information

Get important messages out with less effort. Share details of closings, adjusted hours, and special events with ease - via email, text, and in-app message, all with a single click.

member communications desktop

Custom campaigns

Stay engaged with your customers and drive sales with simple custom email, SMS, and in-app campaigns.

Generate sales 24/7

MyStudio campaigns continue to work 24/7, driving sales and growing revenue when you’re not on location.

Create an experience

Design unique experiences for your customers that work to retain more members based on any number of variables.

Measure your success

Monitor your success with analytics and adjust your campaigns with ease for improved results.

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More about member communication:

You've got to meet your customers where they are to get your message across. And for most, that's on their phones.

The days of relying just on email are behind us (we all get inundated with so many emails, it's hard to read them all) and it's also not scalable to call every single person when you have an announcement. Posting on social media is one way to let people know about something, but not everyone uses social media nor do they always check it.

Our member communication system can alert your members via SMS text and in-app notification, along with their email all at once, almost guaranteeing that they will see your message. It's hard to ignore a notification that pops up on your phone's home screen, plus they will want to see what you have to say. Cut through the noise and make it easy for them to see your messages.

Use custom campaigns and automations to target your current and potential students using the fully-integrated MyStudio communication features. Send automated SMS texts, in-app messages, and emails without having to think. Build out templates to make things even easier on yourself when sending out messages. Plus, our system allows you to auto-fill your member's name, membership, and more to really go the extra mile and personalize your messages.

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