Automate your business

Market to new customers, enroll more members faster, and sell retail to anytime with our automation engines. Just set them up and watch them work on your behalf.

Capture & manage leads

Automatically connect your website and nurture your leads into trials and new customers.

Convert more trials

Keep your trials engaged with automations that will convince them to sign on as paying customers.

Monitor attendance

Keep your members engaged and motivated to come in with attendance automations.

Lead automation

Set the messages that prospects automatically receive from you with our suite of automation tools, which include email, SMS text, and more.

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Integrated website lead capture

Capture leads from your website, send them an automated campaign of messages, and convert them into paying customers.

Custom conditions

Make targeted, custom campaigns based on lead program interest.


See how well your campaigns are performing so that you can optimize your automations for the best outcomes.

MyStudio makes it easy for my members to do just about everything they need. It makes things like selling membership, events, retail and communication simple by having everything kept under one program. With it I don't need a lot of extra employees.
Nicholas A. | Capterra Review

Trial conversion automation

Easy automation to stay in touch with your most valued customers.

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Improve trial conversion success

Increase how often and how well leads turn into paid memberships.

Custom conditions

Increase trial enrollments with targeted custom campaigns tailored to them.


See how well your campaigns are performing so that you can optimize your automations for the best outcomes.

I wake up to enrollments. People enroll at home (for summer camp and memberships) and I didn't have to do anything but set up the initial plans for my school.
Gretchen R. | Capterra Review

Attendance automation

Automated attendance-based campaigns that keep regularly attending customers motivated and re-engage customers who have not been in recently.

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Encourage & congratulate

Happy members are active members. Encourage members who exceed attendance expectations and keep them excited to come in.

Nurture your trials

Support and nurture new trial customers who are still deciding on your program.

Increase program upgrades

Target members who qualify for program upgrades, which could increase customer lifetime value and satisfaction.

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More about automations:

The automations in the MyStudio platform are there to take a load off you and your team, executing repetitive, programmable tasks that free you up to do the things that truly need the human touch--such as teaching a class, devising your business strategy, coaching a team member, and more.

Technology is meant to work for you, to make things easier. Automations are one of those things that will really allow you to free up your time while making a big impact on your customers.

You will have access to all of the features of our most popular plan, the Growth plan. You’ll be able to see what it’s like to sign people up for memberships, message customers, set up automations, send out your registration links, use the member and operator apps, and so much more.

Dig in, evaluate every part of the platform, and ask us any and all questions that you may have as you make your decision on the right membership management solution for your business.