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What’s new in MyStudio: June 2024 enhancements (as of 6/24)

In our latest release, MyStudio introduces a suite of enhancements to elevate the functionality and user experience of our platform. This June 2024 update includes significant improvements across profile management, user interfaces, payment processing, and more. Explore the details of these enhancements and learn how they can optimize your day-to-day operations.

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Linnette Le
Founder & COO/CRO


June 26, 2024

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At MyStudio, we're always striving to enhance our platform to better serve our community of users. We are excited to announce a series of updates designed to make your experience more efficient and user-friendly. Here's a deep dive into the new features and how they can benefit your operations.

Profile photo upload enhancement

Updating participant records has just become simpler! You can now upload profile photos directly from the control panel using your device camera. This streamlined process eliminates the need for extra steps, allowing you to keep participant records accurate and up-to-date effortlessly.

UI enhancement: Reordering option tiles

Organizing your services and products is more intuitive with our new drag-and-drop functionality. Located under Service and Products => Events => Dates/options, this feature gives you the flexibility to customize the arrangement of your options quickly, enhancing your ability to manage and present offerings effectively.

Improved payment processing

Our updated system now handles recurring future payments more smoothly, ensuring seamless processing even when rerunning past due payments. This enhancement is aimed at reducing administrative hassle and improving the accuracy of financial transactions.

Attendance automation enhancement

We've fine-tuned our "We miss you" email notifications (30 and 45 days) to ensure they are sent at the correct times. This precision prevents premature messages, thereby improving engagement and retention efforts with timely and relevant communications.

Native app notification enhancement

Stay on top of your communications with enhanced notifications. Users will now receive alerts for all incoming messages promptly, ensuring that no important updates or inquiries are missed.

Membership/Trial URL enhancement

We've optimized URL handling within our system to prevent issues related to extra '/' signs that led to "Session Expired" messages. This update provides a smoother, more reliable user experience when navigating our platform.

Analytics data update improvement

To ensure you're working with the most current data, we've improved the update process for consolidated event data released from the web app. This enhancement allows for better decision-making with access to up-to-date insights.

Native app PDF loading enhancement

Android users can now experience the same seamless PDF loading for required skills and ranks as Apple device users, ensuring consistency across platforms.

Class & appointments date display consistency

We have standardized the date displays within our system to align with the system language (English), ensuring uniformity across desktop settings and enhancing the clarity of scheduling information.

Century Direct update

Linking existing Century Direct profiles is now directly manageable through the MyStudio Portal. For new accounts, please initiate them on the Century Direct portal first.

Image proportion improvement

The visual appeal of uploaded event images has been enhanced to ensure they are displayed proportionately, making your events look more attractive and professional.

Security update: Google and Facebook SSO

For increased security, we have disabled Google and Facebook single sign-on for the admin control panel, reinforcing the protection of your administrative access.

Refund display improvement

Refunds for past events and memberships are now accurately reflected in the financial reports for the current month, rather than the month of purchase, ensuring clarity and accuracy in financial tracking.

Continuous improvement at MyStudio

These updates reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and our dedication to providing a platform that meets the evolving needs of our users. We value your feedback and encourage you to reach out to our support team with any questions or for further assistance.

We hope these enhancements make your MyStudio experience even more productive and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and refine our services.

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