Why Fitness Franchises Must Embrace Technology

Written by:
Tu Le
May 4, 2023
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If you own a fitness studio, you’ve likely noticed your clients’ use of technology to help them manage every part of their fitness journey, from tracking their food intake to improving their form. In today’s day and age, technology has become essential to the personal and professional lives of the average consumer, and things are the same for franchise business owners.

Just as your clients embrace technology, your business should as well. Enterprise fitness club management software can help you manage every aspect of your business, from its management to compliance to client acquisition. If your ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible improve their health, read on to learn more about how the right technology can help you achieve it.

How Can Technology Help You Scale Your Business?

Scaling is vital to a thriving franchise, and fortunately, location management software can help solve the challenges typically associated with it. From maintaining organized business operations to properly handling finances, here’s how the right technology platform can make scaling manageable:


Your franchise business’s success depends on your ability to simplify your operational strategies. On the backend, the right studio enterprise software can help you manage projects by customizing and assigning tasks to employees that include every detail needed to take immediate action. You’ll be able to track task completion and performance over time to ensure everyone is pulling their weight.

On the front end, technology can automate attendance check-in and communication with members you haven’t seen recently while also streamlining class management, automatically setting pricing and capacity limits, and allowing members to view their options based on their status or membership tier.

Automated Fee Collection

As a fitness franchise owner, you rely on on-time client payments. Investing in a platform that automates recurring payments makes billing easier for clients. A platform that allows customized billing options is a wise choice because it will enable you to offer unique programs across all locations without worrying about missed payments due to human error.

Insights and Reporting

Easily accessible business intelligence becomes more essential as your fitness franchise grows. To that end, investing in fitness franchise software allows you to set and monitor key performance indicators for your business and better handle your finances by monitoring past-due and upcoming billing payments.

How Studio Management Software Can Streamline Workflow

Growing a franchise business is hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming. The key to making the franchise model doable is streamlining business operations so everything flows smoothly. Here are three ways technology can help you do just that:

Manage from One Location

Your franchise business may have multiple locations, but you’re just one person. As such, suitable location management software will help you to manage your business from one place. A robust platform will provide you with a top-down view of your operations, allowing you to view critical data from your phone or computer to help you make the right decisions quickly.

Duplicate Offerings Across All Locations

The success of a franchise brand also hinges on duplication. Clients need to know what to expect from your business, no matter which location they patronize. Multi-location scheduling software makes setting calendars, schedules, and pricing across sites easy. You’ll be able to see the attendance rates for classes across franchises so you can know which ones add the most value to your business.

Reduce Administrative Work

If you or your franchisees call individual members every time a payment is missed or hunt down contact information to follow up with leads, it may be time to do something different. Multi-location studio management software can help shoulder the administrative burden by automating these and other business management tasks, providing peace of mind and giving you time to focus on meaningful tasks.

Use Technology to Market Your Franchise Business and Attract New Customers

Relevant and persistent marketing is critical to growing any fitness franchise. With an easy-to-launch custom website and member app, you’ll be able to attract and retain clients by providing the streamlined experiences they expect. You and your franchisees can share information about the business through unique links in social media posts, SMS, chat, or automated email messages.

You’ll use your full suite of results-oriented services to capture potential clients’ attention, and your technology tools will capture their information for marketing purposes. Once you collect that information, you can create automated marketing campaigns to enroll clients in trial memberships, events, and drop-in classes through your app.

In addition, technology will help you grow your fitness franchise by converting more leads into recurring members. You’ll be able to see where your leads are coming from, follow up with them about enrollment, and see how many of them are making the leap from trial to recurring memberships so you can help more potential clients do the same.

Learn More and Start Your Free Trial

Building a fitness franchise can be gratifying work, but it’s vital for both you and your clients that your business employs the right location management software to streamline membership and management.

Fortunately, the MyStudio platform helps business owners accomplish this goal. Get in contact with our team to see pricing, start a free trial, and learn more about how MyStudio can turn your fitness franchise into a well-oiled machine and make overwhelm a thing of the past.

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Tu Le

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