Martial Arts Website Template: Tips for Creating Your Website

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Tu Le
October 21, 2022
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A robust and informative website is a must for any business, and a martial arts studio is no exception. A martial arts website acts as a central source of information to communicate essential business details with potential and current students alike, such as pricing for instruction, class schedules, membership sign-up, and even directions to your location.

Unfortunately, without the right tips and tricks for martial arts website design, you may find yourself with a lackluster website that does the exact opposite of what you intended — and rather than help build a trustworthy brand online, your website might hinder lead generation and stunt overall business growth.

As with any business that’s getting its website off the ground, a bit of guidance could help ensure you create a noteworthy and valuable website for your studio. Keep reading to learn more on why you need a martial arts website and the essential components that must be included on your site.

Why Do You Need a Website?

In today’s day and (digital) age, lacking a company website can be detrimental to business health. A website is used to establish credibility in your industry space and convince potential customers that you are a good option for their needs. Without a website, those looking for martial arts instruction will question the legitimacy of your business and likely pass on your studio for the next best option.

However, just because you have a website doesn't mean you’ll automatically demonstrate legitimacy. In martial arts web design, everything from the aesthetic of your website to the information supplied must make a great first impression in order to convince a customer to move forward with your services. Your website must clearly define your studio's brand and mission while supplying users with the information they are looking for.

Only once a martial arts website gives a good first impression and demonstrates credibility can an owner use it to drive traffic to the business. Detailed current services, eye-catching promotions, and general industry knowledge can serve as a lead generation tool to inform potential and current customers alike and support ongoing business growth and success.

What to Include on Your Martial Arts Website

A successful martial arts website design will require the use of multiple components including images and text. Without these various factors, the productivity of your martial arts website design may be impacted and reduce overall lead generation and successful membership sign-ups.

When using a martial arts website builder, be sure to include the following components.

User-Friendly Design

First and foremost, your website design has to be user-friendly. From desktop to mobile users, new and existing customers must be able to easily access what they’re looking for without confusion or frustration. As such, make sure your website loads quickly, is secured, and is attractive on all devices.

Contact Information

One of the primary information points users look for is your studio's contact information. For your martial arts website, be sure to include all means of communication, whether it’s phone numbers and emails or contact forms and chatbots. With the majority of website traffic now being conducted on mobile phones, ensure these contact details are also clickable to better streamline customer-to-instruction communications.

Easy Sign-Up Method

After a customer has combed through your website to learn more about your services and has made the decision to move forward, the last thing they’ll want to do is get on the phone or come in person to register for your classes. To avoid any missed opportunities, every martial arts website design must include an easy online sign-up method that allows a user to input all necessary details to enroll in your classes.

Software Integration

To better streamline the customer management and signup processes on your end, you're going to need a website that offers seamless software integration. Use a martial arts website builder that integrates with your CRM software to help automate tasks, such as contact and payment collection, to save valuable time and reduce room for error.

Class Schedule

Class times that work well with an individual's daily schedule are one of the biggest selling points for those on the hunt for martial arts instruction services. But how would potential or existing customers know class times if you didn’t post them on your website? Save your customers time and frustration by uploading and routinely updating your class schedule. This simple effort could save you from dozens of unnecessary phone calls.

Hero Images

First impressions can make or break a customer decision, and the use of an appealing hero image or hero video at the top of your website promotes better interaction with your site, aiding in overall lead generation.


When evaluating martial arts studios, one of the final factors a prospective customer will search for is testimonials and reviews. Previous customer reviews heavily increase business credibility and should be pulled raw from review sites such as Google and Facebook to push and better support a customer's decision to choose your martial arts instruction.

Martial Arts Website Template

Sometimes it can be difficult to conceptualize all of the moving pieces of a successful martial arts website without seeing an example. Take a look at the MyStudio website InCourage Martial Arts for a better look at all of the above components in action. Here’s a breakdown of how all of the elements work together to form an effective martial arts website.

  • Landing Page: Complete with hero images, testimonials, and strong call to action buttons like “Try a Class” to help readers better navigate the site and complete a positive action.
  • Footer: Minimal with little distraction but features contact information including location map, phone number, email, and location address.
  • About Page: A short and sweet paragraph that shares the studio’s core values and mission.
  • Class Schedule Page: Easily located on the website, the class schedule allows users to see various programs and their times.
  • Way to Sign Up: The website allows interested customers to register as soon as they make their decision. They can enroll, pay online, and sign waivers so all of the administrative work is out of the way and they are ready to start training when they come in.
  • Reviews: Dynamic web design allows multiple positive reviews to rotate across the screen with links to bring the reader to the actual Facebook and Google business review listings.

As you can see from this martial arts website design example, a simple layout can go a long way with the right information. All from one single page, a user is able to learn about classes, read reviews, and gather contact information to make a well-informed purchase decision.

With MyStudio’s custom website services, you can construct a martial arts business page that is easy to update and offers mobile-first design capabilities for enhanced accessibility. MyStudio also supplies visually appealing email templates and customer messaging capabilities to help boost lead generation. If you already have a great website but want to incorporate your online sign up for memberships, classes and events, you can also easily just install MyStudio's registration pages into your existing site.

To learn more on how MyStudio can help streamline your martial arts website construction process, book a demo with one of our experts or take advantage of our free trial today.

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