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Making Your Students’
Birthdays Special!



Here are some fun and sweet ways to make sure your students feel like their special day is extra special!

Birthday Phone Calls

Calling your students, especially when you haven’t seen them in a while, can really make them feel special. Not only did you remember it was their birthday, but you made the effort to call them and tell them so!

No answer? No problem! Leave a voicemail and let them know you’re thinking of them. The more personal you can make the message, the better!

Personalized Birthday Cards

Getting snail-mail is such a good feeling... You know what’s even better than getting snail-mail? Getting happy birthday snail-mail!


Don’t be afraid to use their name and personalize this card. I, personally, am a fan of putting cute drawings and silly puns on my cards!


Celebrating Birthdays In Person

This is the area where you can have the most fun!

If a student comes to their martial arts class for their birthday, let them choose a game or special technique to practice at the end of class.

If they don’t mind being a little embarrassed, you can also have the class sing to them!

During camps and After School programs, it’s also fun to sing Happy Birthday and let that student/camper pick their favorite games to play that day.


A birthday filled with their favorite things and a little more “control” than usual will really help cement this birthday as the best birthday ever!

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Spread and Share the Birthday Love!

Celebrating a staff member’s birthday? Got a cute video of someone’s friends singing Happy Birthday to them? Post and share your awesome birthday content online for others to see!


The most important thing to remember is how much we ourselves love being treated like kings and queens on our birthdays - so let’s make sure all of our students and families know that they’re royalty too!

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